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Pipeline Damage Prevention Program

MISSION STATEMENT: To strengthen Pipeline Damage Prevention in Texas through compliance and enforcement activities, plus continued public awareness and stakeholder education.

Title 16 , Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Part 1
Chapter 18 Underground Pipeline Damage Prevention Rules

Reporting Pipeline Damages

Reporting No Damage Non-Compliance Activities

Statistical Information

Educational Letter

Educational Letter - Spanish

Brochure on Excavator Reporting Guidelines

Brochure on Operator Reporting Guidelines

Electrical Plan Flyer

Plumbing Plan Flyer

Construction Plan Flyer

Landscaping Plan Flyer

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Public Incident Query

Notification Call Centers

Chapter 251 - Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety
Legal Holidays - Chapter 662 Sec. 662.021
Damage Prevention Councils of Texas
One-Call Board of Texas
Common Ground Alliance
CGA: Best Practices v. 12.0
Texas Pipeline Awareness Alliance
Texas Register
Texas Statutes
Texas Legislature Online

Contact Us
Pipeline Damage Prevention Program
Phone: 512-475-0512

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