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New Pipeline Construction Reports

New pipeline construction reports required by 16 TAC §8.115 "New Construction Commencement Report"

New pipeline construction reports are required by 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §8.115. Generally, the requirement to file a Form PS-48  (New Construction Report) with the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) pertains to transmission lines, gathering lines inside a (non-rural or) Class 2, 3 or 4 location, permanent breakout tanks and certain distribution systems. For projects under 10 miles, the form is due 30 days before construction starts. For projects 10 miles and over, the form is due 60 days before construction starts.

The Form PS-48 is also required/defined by 16 TAC §3.106 (Sour Gas Pipeline Facility Construction Permit) to fulfill the requirement of the written notice 24 hours before the start of construction.

A new construction report number will be assigned when the Form PS-48 is submitted for the reports required under 16 TAC §8.115 and the proposed system will be added to the evaluation schedule for the purpose of future safety inspections. Reference the new construction report number on the T-4 permit filing when the lines are added to a pipeline permit.

A new construction report number will not be assigned when the Form PS-48 is submitted as a 24 hour notice before start of construction notice in accordance with 16 TAC §3.106.

When submitting a Form PS-48 via email to, attach a .PDF version of the form.  Submitting the form via email is the preferred method for timely processing. Forms can also be submitted via mail delivery to:

Railroad Commission of Texas

ATTN: Oversight and Safety Division, Pipeline Permitting Section

P. O. Box 12967, Austin TX 78711-2967

If you have questions regarding the Form PS-48, call the RRC at 512-463-6994 or 512-463-6828.


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