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The Oil & Gas Well Records, Oil & Gas Well Logs and Surface Commingling Reports (Form P-17) in the Oil & Gas Imaged Records (Neubus) have been upgraded to a newer query platform, ESD3. The ESD3 query platform is used when researching Oil and Gas Hearings, Pipeline Permits, Injection/Disposal Permits, and many more documents also available in the Oil & Gas Imaged Records Menu. A short video describing the new query platform and enhancements is available at If you need further assistance, contact Central Records at or 512-463-6882.

Oil & Gas Well Records
Dry Hole Files
  • Dates included:  2000 and forward.  Older files for District 9 are being added as time permits.
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District Office Well Records
  • Includes well completion and plugging records from the Oil and Gas District 9 (Wichita Falls) office that are older than 1980.  Currently records from Knox, Montague, and Wichita counties have been imaged and are available.
Oil & Gas Well Logs
Surface Commingling Reports (Form P-17)
The Well Records, Dry Hole, Well Logs, and P-17 images are now available for volume download through the Energy-Depot.  Before registering for this service, please view the Energy Depot Demo/Training video.  Note: Texas Public Information Act pricing will apply to the volume download services.
Certificate of Compliance, Statewide Rule 36 (Hydrogen Sulfide)  (Form H-9)
  • Dates included:  Various
  • NOTE:  New/amended H-9 forms are added monthly.
Skim Oil/Condensate Reports (Form P-18)
  • Dates included: January 2013 and forward.
Monthly Transportation and Storage Reports (Form T-1)
  • Dates included: January 2013 and forward.

Groundwater Protection Determination Letters


  • Dates included: Fall 2008 through June 6, 2015.
    Note: Groundwater Protection Determination Letters received after June 6, 2015 are filed online and may be viewed with a login to RRC Online.  Older files are being added as time permits. 
  • Letters are also known as Surface Casing or "Water Board" Letters.
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  • Copies of Groundwater Protection Determination Letters not online for 2000 through 2008 may be obtained by contacting the Groundwater Advisory Unit.
  • Letters created prior to 2000 are available on microfilm in Central Records.
Disposal Permits (Form W-14)
  • Dates included: Entire Form W-14 Record Series
    Note: New/Amended Disposal permits are added when issued.
Injection/Disposal Permits (Form H-1/H-1A)
  • Dates included: 2011 and forward.
    Note: Older files are being added as time permits.  All H-1 permit files for RRC Districts 1 through 7C, 8A, and 9 are now available online.
Mechanical Integrity Tests (Form H-5)
  • Form H-5
    Dates included: 2013 through 2017.  
  • Liquid Hydrocarbons and Gas Storage in Salt Caverns Mechanical Integrity Tests, Sonar Surveys, and Casing Inspection Reports
    Dates included:  2016 and forward
    Note: Older tests are being added as time permits.
Oil & Gas Hearing Files
  • Dates included:  Various
  • NOTE:  All closed hearing files received by Central Records since July 2011 are being imaged as they are received.  Older files are being added as time permits.  All hearings files for RRC Districts 1, 2, and part of 3 are now available online as well as District 5, 6, and 6E hearing files for the period 1932-1972.
  • Docketed hearings of statewide significance from 1932 and forward are also available online.  Statewide dockets may be accessed by inputting '20' as the District number.
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  • Docket Type Code Reference Table
  • Oil & Gas East Texas Historical Hearing Files (Districts 5, 6, and 6E) Project Highlights, Finding Aid, and Index.

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