RRC Maps Available for Purchase

The Railroad Commission maintains maps showing historical, current, and proposed well locations


The Railroad Commission maintains legacy maps showing historical, current, and proposed well locations. The original hardcopy well maps are retained for researching older wells and validating historical information. In the past, these maps were updated using manual processes. These maps become worn due to multiple uses as well as saturated with handwritten data. Due to copyright provisions, public distribution was rarely available. Today, digital mapping is the norm and the legacy data is now part of the current geospatial dataset. RRC provides mapping products based upon customer requests.


The legacy data was derived using United States Geological Survey 7.5-minute quadrangle maps, which is approximately 7 by 8 miles in size, allowing for measurement based on latitude/longitude and a state plane coordinates system. The survey information was mapped through a two-step process. First, the lines were manually transferred from Texas General Land Office county survey maps onto USGS 7.5-minute quad maps using cultural features, such as roads and fences, for reference. The survey lines and related annotation were then digitized from the quad maps into the mapping system. Map data provided includes county and city boundaries, major roads and waterways, and original land surveys.


Each well symbol represents a single wellbore; one wellbore may correspond to several well completions. Various symbols are used to indicate the status of a wellbore based on the API (American Petroleum Institute) number and the well status. Well symbol consist of the two numbers. The first number is the most recent operator's well number. The second number is the last five digits of the standard API number assigned to the wellbore. Adding a three-digit county code before the five-digit number forms the complete API number. County codes are available at the following link view county codes.


Well information is updated daily in our database through a variety of sources: incoming applications to drill, completion reports, plugging reports, inspection reports and public inquiries. The most up-to-date products are available for purchase and are set to a specific scale:

Scale: 1" = 1,200' (standard product - map size 36” X 44”)
1" = 2,000' (some map features/text may not be legible – map size 24” X 28”)
Cost: $27.00 (quadrangle map 1” =1200’ & crowded areas at 1” =400’ or 1” =200’)
$15.00 (quadrangle map 1” =2000’)
$8.00 up to $42.00 (screen plot – price based on size of plotted map)
View Map Legend (PDF)

When ordering maps through the Railroad Commission, the county name and 7.5-minute quadrangle name are needed to fill your request. To obtain a quadrangle name, go to the RRC's Public GIS Map Viewer. Additional information is also available from the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS). The Well Mapping Department staff can assist in determining which maps are needed to cover an area of interest and the total cost for the product.


Requests for well location map products in paper format may also be placed by contacting the Well Mapping Section at rrc.mapping@rrc.texas.gov or (512) 463-6851. For questions about non-standard mapping products or information not listed on this site that may have the ability to be mapped as a special geospatial product, please contact Central Records at the Commission's Austin Office, William B. Travis Building, Room 10-100 to determine the source of information.

Please provide the following information when placing your map order:

  • Your Name and/or Company Name:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Daytime Telephone Number:
  • Shipping Method: U. S. Postal Service or courier service (FedEx, UPS, DHL, or Lonestar). If you have an account with one of the courier services, please provide that account number and the courier will bill you directly.
  • Method of Payment: check, MasterCard or Visa
  • Map Name: quad name, quad number, or special map name (ex. OGM0027)
  • Map Scale: 1” =1,200’ or 1” = 2,000’ (for quad map orders)

Please do not submit any credit card information to the Well Mapping Department staff. You will be contacted by phone by a representative from the Commission's Central Records billing section with the total cost of your order and for credit card information if applicable. After your payment is received, your order will be processed and delivered.

Railroad Commission of Texas
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Railroad Commission of Texas
Administration Division
Central Records Section
William B. Travis Bldg., Rm. 10-100
1701 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701

Digital Map Data

The Well Mapping Department does not conduct or address data requests. To place requests for digital well location map data or for information about data formats, software requirements, or prices (by county or statewide), visit the Digital Map Data page or call the Central Records Section's Electronic Data Coordinator in the Information Technology Services (ITS) Division at (512) 463-6882.

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