Digital Map Data

Please review all information below, including the sample test files and FAQ information, before placing an order for digital map data.  Selection of an export format that is compatible with the GIS software package it will run on is the responsibility of the user.

Projection File

Some GIS Software packages require that the GIS Layer have a predefined coordinate system.

  • Each .shp file includes an associated.prj file in the dataset. If yo do not want the layer to be projected, simply delete the .prj file associated with the layer. 
    • The projection file is also available by right clicking on the link below and saving it to a file:

Map & Associated Data

  • Digital map data:
    • Base Map, Wells, Surveys & Pipelines layers may be purchased as a complete package or individually.
    • Geographic Coordinates; Latitude/Longitude Decimal Degrees, NAD 27
    • May be obtained via CD or RRC FTP.  Note:  For delivery by RRC FTP a Railroad Commission FTP account is required.  For first-time RRC FTP users, a new RRC FTP account will take up to 7 business days to create.
    • Export Format
      • .SHP (ArcView Shape Files) - can be used directly with ArcView, imported into ArcInfo, compatible with many other GIS software packages
      • E00 format is no longer available.
  • API Data - ASCII data file and dBase (.dbf) file containing the API number, survey name, well number, lease name, lease ID number, completion date, and plug date.
  • Manuals available online (include data format and dictionary):
    • "Digital Map Information", publication OGA094 
    • "API Well Data File", publication OGA096 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Digital Map Data and API Data Sample Test Files

Please review the sample test files before ordering digital map data to determine which file format will work best with your GIS system. Sample test files include:

    • ArcView Shape files for each available map layer for Aransas County
    • API Data file for Aransas County in both ASCII and dBase (.dbf) format
    • Well Symbols Font file and ArcView Legend file

Ordering Information

  • Prices for:
    • Digital Data by onshore County
    • Digital Data by Coastal County, including Texas offshore areas
    • Digital Data by Statewide categories
    • Compact Disk cost is $1.00
    • Postage is $2.00
  • Ordering & Payment:
    • Orders must be made by written request or you may use our Request for Electronic Data Form in Word format or PDF format.  In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, the Railroad Commission will act upon or respond to your request within 10 business days.
    • Please note that all requests require a 24 hour minimum processing period.
    • Payment is required in advance by check or credit card
      (Please do not send credit card information by email or fax.)
    • Checks should be made payable to the Railroad Commission of Texas.
  • Inquiries or orders should be made with the Electronic Data Coordinator:
    • (512) 463-7254
    • fax (512) 463-7200
    • e-mail at
    • Railroad Commission of Texas
      Central Records
      P.O. Box 12967
      Austin, TX  78711-2967


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