Data Sets User Manuals

The following data sets user manuals are available for download in PDF and Word formats.

Manual TitlesAcrobat PDFWord
2 Year Inactive Well File
(Revised October 2014)
34K 76K
3 Year Inactive Well File
(Revised October 2014)
35K 75K
Drilling Permit Master and Trailer Files
(publication #OGA049 -- March 2004)
122K 267K
Drilling Permit Master and Trailer Plus Latitudes and Longitudes
(April 2014)
395K 349K
Drilling Permit Master with Latitudes and Longitudes
(publication #OGA049M -- July 2004)
159K 476K
Drilling Permits Pending Approval Plus Latitudes and Longitudes
(Revised August 2018)
652K 118K
Field Database
(publication #OGA090 -- May 2019)
1,131K 344K
Form PR Gas Disposition
(publication #OGA086 -- February 2005)
57K 67K
Gas Allowable (Gatherer & Operator)
(publication #GSA011 -- April 1992)
22K 45K
Gas Master
(publication #GSA020 -- October 1998)
104K 223K
Gas Purchaser Stripout
(publication #PSA005 -- March 1992)
36K 81K
Gas Well Test (G-10)
(publication #GSA018 -- October 2009)
14K 35K

Gas Well Data Dump (ASCII format)
(publication #wlu102 -- August 2011)

90K 507K
Natural Gas Policy Act (NGPA)
(publication #NGA002 -- August 1999)
57K 120K
Oil and Gas Annual Report Field Tables
(publication #OGA100 -- November 1998)
29K 64K
Oil and Gas Docket
(publication #ODA037 -- November 1998)
223K 536K
Oil and Gas Field Names & Numbers
(publication #OGA040 -- July 1991)
18K 50K
Oil and Gas Historical Ledger
(publication #LDA001 -- January 2004)
107K 55K
Oil Allowable (Gatherer & Operator)
(publication #OLA020 -- February 1990)
17K 44K
Oil Detail Well
(publication #OLA028 -- July 2001)
18K 42K
Oil Master
(publication #OLA013 -- October 1998)
121K 264K
Oil Well Data Dump (ASCII format)
(publication #wlu103 -- August 2011)
90K 507K
Oil Well Status (W-10)
(publication #OLA001 -- October 1998)
15K 37K
Online Completion Data Subscription User Manual (November 2017) 399K 6,360K
Organization Report (P-5)
(publication #ORA001 -- October 2014)
122K 63K
P-4 Database
(publication #P4A002 -- July 2012)
210K 120K
PDQ Operator's Production and Disposition Volumes by Lease by Month
(Revised June 2014)
142K 47K
Pipeline Master
(publication #PLA028 -- July 2002)
32K 76K
Production Data Query (PDQ) Dump
(Revised September 21, 2018)
478k 106K
Production Database
(publication #PDA001 -- January 2005)
107K 227K
Production Reports with Pending Leases/IDs
(Revised 11/1/2017)
359K 64K
R-3 Gas Processing Plants
(publication #GRA001 -- November 1992)
64K 282K
Schedule Snapshot Database
(publication #SSA001 -- March 1993)
21K 55K
Top Operator/Officer Download
(publication #OGA095 -- January 1998)
11K 40K
Underground Injection Control (UIC)
(publication #UIA010 -- March 2016)
552K 102K
Well Bore Database
(publication #WBA091 -- May 2019)
155K 99K
Well Bore Query Data (RRC Online Oil & Gas Queries) User Manual
(November 2013)
105K 67K
Well Database
(publication #WLA001 -- May 2019)
185K 426K


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